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The organization EIH was established in the year 2018. EIH or Everything Is Here is an Indian-based company that provides educational courses, IT-related services, and sells physical products as well as digital products. The main goal of our organization is to provide better quality content at an affordable price. We believe in the quality of the product or service rather than quantity.

To accomplish our goal, we started our first website “eiheducation.in” and listed high demanding courses such as CCNA – Cisco Certified Network Associate, MCSA – Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate, Linux, Android, Digital Marketing, etc. We provide high-quality content for free as well as we have built some advanced courses in the same niches that are too affordable prices.

We have created another website “course.eiheducation.in” for students. Here students will get eBooks and courses. There are many eBooks including CCNA and Digital Marketing. CCNA LAB Configuration courses are also available. You will get many things for Free, few of them are paid for.

Another website is digital.eiheducation.in designed especially for digital marketing and money-making tips and tricks. Here you will get all the theories and videos of digital marketing. We will share some passive income sources too that will help you to earn as a side hustle. If you want to make your side hustle full-time business you can do it too.

The website called eihstore.com is specially designed to prevent you from fake reviews and paid reviews. We are genuinely providing you a review of products that we have tested/uses or based on genuine reviews. It will help you to find the best products at affordable prices. At present, our website has headphones, earbuds, earphones, gaming laptops. In the next couple of days, we will include laptops, DSLR, and books.

Our organization helps many students to get a job in their dream company. Currently, many of them are working as network support engineers, network administrators, and system administrators. Apart from this, some of our students are now earning from home by simply doing digital marketing. While doing digital marketing, students can do both, they can find a job or start their own part-time business that can be full-time in the future.

One of the biggest problems is to crack the interview. Usually, students are too nervous while giving an interview, or they have a lack of confidence. If they know the answer, they are unable to deliver it perfectly. This happens because students are focusing on big things and neglect the basic concept. Our aim is to guide students, prepare them, set up mock interviews, boost their confidence, have interview-based quizzes, and many more.

The main difference between our organization and our competitors is the clarity factor. We don’t hide anything, boost their confidence, teach them how to make money whether it is a job or online business, always ready to help, and we have support team members.

We are doing very well in terms of boosting confidence and providing the best support. There are many websites on the Internet, but we’re one of those that provides students good quality content.

We have created multiple courses, and you’ll find the interview-based quizzes that will help you to crack the exam as well as the Interview. We have professional courses that include LABs, we arrange LAB Configuration too, which will increase your knowledge and experience.
Students all over the globe are very happy with our performance, they like our content, they enjoy the LAB created by our team, they learned a lot including Theory, LAB, Quizzes, etc.

We are expanding our organization and trying to provide all the high-demand courses. We go for experienced people to teach our students. That’s why we frequently hire someone when we start new technology.

Nowadays, digital marketing is booming, many of our team members believe that there is no scope in the future without digital marketing. Because people are moving from offline businesses to online businesses, and digital marketing is a library.

You’ll be shocked to know that the brand that we like the most is Byjus. They’re the best in terms of providing good quality content for different age groups. How they manage teachers/mentors/coaches on a different side and manage students, parents on a different side. They change the online educational system. They set up such huge things that seem very easy.

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